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Long-sleeve with accents

Long-sleeve with accents
Brand: FER
Product Code: FER004
Availability: In Stock

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* Choose your fit:

* Choose your base fabric:

* Choose yoke accent:

* Choose front panel accent:

* Choose your pocket flap accent:

* Choose back panel accent:

* Choose your button style:

* Bust Height inches (7) on measurement guide below:

* Bust Span inches (6) on measurement guide below:

* Back length inches (9) on measurement guide below:

* Armhole inches (14A) on measurement guide below:

* Arm length inches (16) on measurement guide below:

* Shoulder point to Shoulder point inches:

* Bust to Waist/Waist height inches (8) on measurement guide below:


Indicate Alternate Color Scheme:

* I acknowledge I am responsible for all measurements provided:

* I acknowledge this item is not returnable or exchaneable:

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Another beautiful quality custom woman's shirt by Ann Ferrera.  This custom shirt is shown fitted with darts in front and back.  You can choose “no waist darts” for a looser fit.   Not all shirt accent combinations shown here.  Choose your accent fabric, yoke, pocket flaps, front accents, back accents, collar accent and cuff accent.   Work the design!. 

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