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Lightweight Go Anywhere Jacket - shown in Turquoise serape fabric

Lightweight Go Anywhere Jacket - shown in Turquoise serape fabric
Brand: FER
Product Code: Lightweight Go Anywhere Jacket in Turquoise serape
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Lightweight Beautiful Go Anywhere Jacket.  Versatile styling.  Western jacket or Eastern jacket, you choose.  Custom jacket made for you.  A Boots and Tiaras Exclusive.

This jacket is shown in Turquoise serape material, but you can select from a variety of fabrics listed, or find a fabric you like and we will go get it for you.  The jacket is made to your measurements, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit.  Notice the exquisately matched pattern and clever pocket detail.  Quality reigns.  A Boots and Tiaras exclusive!

This jacket is being modeled by the beautiful Kim Maney, owner of Aristocats Studio, in Cottonwood, Arizona.



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